A glimpse at wood look porcelain tile

A glimpse at wood look porcelain tile

Two of the most reputable types of flooring available these days are wood flooring and porcelain/ceramic tile. It was only a matter of time, then, before the two merged into something of a super floor – Wood Look Porcelain Tile.

For years consumers have wanted to install hardwood into moisture-rich areas such as their bathrooms or kitchens, but couldn’t, because hardwood would not perform well in these settings.

Then came the advent of Wood Look Porcelain Tile, which allowed these consumers to incorporate a hardwood look into any space (outdoor, indoor, commercial, residential) with the water resistant durability of ceramic or porcelain tile. But when it first came out, Wood Look Porcelain Tile options were limited. As technology continues to advance, however, these wood look tiles are able to capture virtually any style of wood available, from rustic to modern and realistic.

Below are some of the leaders in the Wood Look Porcelain Tile world, who continue to push the limits of technology and our imaginations.

Supergres – Travel: Supergres combines innovative technologies and avant-garde research to design high-quality wood look porcelain tiles for both residential and commercial settings. All Supergres tiles are manufactured in Italy and enjoy the Ecolabel certification, which demonstrates its commitment toward environmentally friendly products.

Their wood look porcelain tile line – Travel – consists of four varying shades that are well suited for most projects. North White and East Grey are softer, brighter hues, while South Gold and West Brown offer a darker approach to the wood look.

Sant’Agostino – Nature & S Wood: Sant’Agostino has two lines dedicated to the art and function of the Wood Look Porcelain Tile. Located in Italy, Sant’Agostino has always celebrated the perfection and artistry that’s provided by pure Italian porcelain. Their high-end line of tiles have been sources of inspiration and wonder for consumers for more than four decades, who continue to turn to Sant’Agostino for the finest in high-quality Italian porcelain.

Nature comes in five lines: Bisque, Brown, Grey, Honey, and White (in both 8 x 48 and 6 x 48 tiles), while S Wood comes in traditional colors such as Nut, Gold, Sand and Brown, as well as the unique and bold Black.

Edimax – Wood_Ker: Italy’s very own Edimax is committed to offering aesthetically perfect flooring choices that are designed to be used in a variety of commercial and residential settings. Wood_Ker is their flagship Wood Look Porcelain Tile line, and complements any space with its natural colors. Wood_Ker is produced with an innovative technology that replicates knots and grains, adding to the authenticity of the look. Colors come in Nut, Grey, Cream and Brown.

Lea – Bio Plank: The very essence of environmentally friendly has been redefined with the introduction of the Bio Plank by Lea, which also features a patented Microban antibacterial protection. The Bio Plank combines practicality and aesthetics while pushing forward the latest technologies in flooring. Wood flooring has never looked so modern and sheik than when displayed in the stunning colors of Bio Plank, including Fume, Oak Noisette, Oak Lava, Cottage Blue, Brown Cottage, Oak Ice and Smoked.

A push toward elegance, practicality and class
Since the dawn of the flooring era, hardwood and porcelain have remained kings. Both exude different looks and feels. Often, we equate porcelain tiles with bathrooms, kitchens, and large, mansion-esque homes. Wood flooring has been looked upon as a way to connect to nature without compromising beauty.

However, wood flooring has its drawbacks, including its versatility and longevity. Porcelain tile, on the other hand, has often been looked as as limited in where it “looks good.” With the advent of Wood Look Porcelain Tile, consumers can essentially have their cake and eat it too. They now can enjoy all the visual benefits of hardwood, and the functional benefits of porcelain, in one gorgeous tile.