Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde

For a tile that is both long-lasting and beautiful, you will want to review the style choices of Atlas Concorde. Not only are these tiles durable, but they are low-maintenance and always en vogue. There are a set of Atlas Concorde tiles out there with your name on it – whether your style tends to run towards the luxurious, the trendy, the chic, the classic or the contemporary look, there is a design to suit any flooring need. Atlas Concorde have surpassed their fame in their homeland, Italy and are now well-known worldwide for their skill in producing ceramic, porcelain, and mosaic tiles. Atlas Concorde hi-definition tiles are great to use on all outdoors projects where you need your unique sense of style to shine. Atlas Concorde will only get more magnificent as time goes by. And Atlas will never stop researching their processes in order to make a better tile. Atlas Concorde meet all international quality and environmental standards, meaning this is a flooring product you can trust.

Atlas Concorde is synonymous with reliability. These tiles set the standard for the entire ceramic tile industry and are one of the most well-known tiles worldwide. The company was founded back in 1969, and is the parent company of the Gruppo Concorde, which is the second-largest Italian ceramic tile group.

Atlas Concorde believes in providing interior designers, architects, and all of their treasured customers with exciting ceramic solutions that can be used for every destination of use. Atlas Concorde strives for an aesthetic appeal with every product they produce, and are very well aware of the market needs, combined with strength and durability.

Nowadays, you can find the company worldwide, and it exports its products to all major markets – along with subsidiaries in the most sensible geographic areas: Atlas Concorde USA INC, Hollywood (FL); OOO “Atlas Concorde Russia”, Stupino; Atlas Concorde China Representative Office, Beijing.

When you purchase Atlas Concorde tiles, they know that you want perfection and excellence with every application. That’s why the strength of Atlas Concorde lies in its broad, complete, differentiated, and constantly updated catalog of products. Specific employees pay attention to market demands, making sure that Atlas Concorde conform to new fashion standards – ensuring that you get access to only the latest and greatest styles.