Duchateau hardwood floors

Duchateau hardwood floors

In a time when new flooring products are being developed at a great rate, engineered and artificial laminates are at the height of popularity, and technology seems to be king, there are some flooring designers that are pushing the industry forward by looking into the past. Even the deep, dark past of the Medieval Era. DuChateau Flooring Company, in particular, is unearthing those ancient traditions to create some very unique flooring styles.

DuChateau has positioned itself as a flooring company that merges the modern with the rustic, an alchemy of design that produces elegant and unusual results. There are eight distinct lines of flooring styles available from DuChateau, with names like Palais, Atelier, Vernal, and Terra. Perusing the styles and color choices on their website, reveals everything from striking and precise parquets in fine inlaid patterns, to distressed, knotty offerings, to smooth, sleek, modern planks. DuChateau seems to like to exploit the boldness of the natural grains and colors of the wood, and also isn’t afraid to use bold colors in the staining of their products.

Eco-friendly production of solid wood products is at the top of the core values list at DuChateau. The company describes itself, as many do, as an organization committed to utilizing renewable forestry techniques. And DuChateau says that they make every effort to create the highest quality flooring available, and provide excellent customer care in the process. Many others are saying that as well.

But DuChateau doesn’t stop their environmentally responsible focus at the tree-line. In creating a product line that attempts to re-create the vintage styles of ancient Europe, they’re using ancient, time-tested methods to finish their products. And it so happens that those methods include natural vegetable oils and hardened wax to create a stunning top-coat on their floors – oils and wax that are all-natural, non-pollutant, non-toxic, and include absolutely no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It appears that the history books have divulged a few environmentally friendly secrets that everyone can live with.

DuChateau Floors of Holland is a company that has created a unique style of flooring products, blending the modern and the rustic for a truly elegant product line. In the process, they have found an ancient way of developing beautiful wood products that perfectly suits the modern age.