IndusParquet has the flooring you want — beautiful hardwood floors that have a durable hardwood core.

Just some of the species of engineered hardwood that IndusParquet offers include: Amendoim, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Tauari, Tigerwood, Timboana, American Cherry, American Maple, Red Oak, and White Oak. Whatever kind of hardwood you’re looking for, chances are, IndusParquet has got it! Colors of IndusParquet’s flooring choices range from reddish brown (check out the Brazilian Cherry!) to beige-pink (look at that Amendola!).

IndusParquet knows flooring they’ve been in business since 1894. This company is the brainchild of two Italian immigrant families living in Brazil, and over 100 years later, IndusParquet is still going strong. Today, this thriving business distributes products to 23 different countries worldwide, and manages manufacturing and distribution sites over five different continents.

IndusParquet offers a seven-ply cross grain construction for extra durability, and is kiln dried and precision milled. For those do-it-yourselfers, IndusParquet flooring comes in tongue-and groove fit and is end-matched to make installation a snap; you can install this flooring above or below grade following glue down instructions over concrete or sub-flooring. This kind of exquisite flooring also comes with a 10 coat aluminum oxide finish and UV cured. This means it will withstand the test of time! You can find this in 5/16″ x 3″ and 5/16″ x 6 1/4.”

IndusParquet is environmentally conscious, too; they work to use all wood material that is harvested from sustainable sources. Unlike some companies, IndusParquet walks the walk they adhere to the Principles and Criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council.

In addition, Ibama (the Brazilian Institute for Environment and Renewable Resources) approves the usage of all their raw materials. Not only does this company look out for Mother Nature, but IndusParquet also helps out its local communities by offering education assistance to impoverished kids. IndusParquet also invests in our youth by offering work programs to our communities teenagers, teaching them valuable life lessons and the ability to learn trade skills. So when you invest in a product coming from IndusParquet, you are making an investment in your community.