You haven’t seen tile until you’ve seen MacKenzie-Childs’ tile. Throw out all the standard neutral looks you’re used to, and take a look at vibrant! If unique, handcrafted ceramics with a touch of whimsy inspired by nature is your style, then look no further than the MacKenzie-Childs line of ceramic tile.

The company is based in Aurora, New York, and has stores in New York City and Palm Beach, Florida, as well as at their plantation in Aurora. Their unique workspace is mirrored in their superb, one-of-a-kind creations.

The Aurora plantation is a 64-acre farm that is home to a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle, many gardens, and hayfields. The old dairy barn was transformed into a studio and creation space for over 100 MacKenzie-Childs artisans to do their magic. The ceramics that are created by MacKenzie-Childs staff are handcrafted. They start as clay and are molded into the various sizes and shapes and designs needed and are then hand painted and fired to achieve that rustic, unique appeal.

MacKenzie-Childs also has a terrific website where you can view their items. Tile is just one of the many products their artisans develop and create, but their tile products are truly works of art with their bright yellows and oranges juxtaposed with vibrant blues and reds and greens in diamond and square patterns, stripes, and grid patterns to name a few. And their ability to marry different patterns and designs together to create such unique styles is fresh and exciting.

You can have MacKenzie-Childs ceramic tiles installed in several places in your home or office…countertops, backsplashes, bathrooms, showers, and so on. Basic installation for ceramic tiling is what’s called for, and you can install the tile yourself. Do consult a professional, though, if you’ve never installed tile. There are a few tricks, especially in dealing with placement and cutting of tiles that have design elements on the pieces. And realize that these tiles are handmade, so no two will be exactly alike.

MacKenzie-Childs is certainly not your ordinary, everyday tile. Their blend of fancy and fierce quality make the products they design stand out above the rest. And if your tastes slant toward fun, then you’re certain to find you in these farm-born ceramics!