Max Windsor Floors

Max Windsor Floors

Have you recently purchased a home that needs some remodeling? Or maybe you’re a home flipper looking to make a drastic change. Or maybe you’ve just started looking at your existing floors and want to give your rooms a facelift.

Whatever your situation, if you’re in the market for some hardwood flooring, you can take comfort knowing there’s a company like Max Windsor to help. Their exciting and quality hardwood flooring products will definitely give you the inspiration you need to get the ball rolling on your new project.

Hardwood is rarely a mistake. You can’t install hardwoods in just any room (mainly below the surface in basements or in bathrooms that have showers or bathtubs are a no-no), but beyond that, hardwood flooring adds more value to homes than just about any other style of flooring.

It’s also great to keep the continuity in an older home by using products that will capture the home’s original look and feel, as well as bringing a luxurious, warm aspect to your everyday living. Max Windsor offers the full gamut of wood flooring products from solid hardwood to engineered hardwood to laminate flooring.

Solid hardwood is pretty self-explanatory; engineered flooring consists of layers of wood veneers compressed together with layers of fibercore (Max Windsor actually uses a cold-pressing process, which protects the wood from delaminating, cupping, crowning and gapping at its seams); and finally laminates are not actual wood but planking with a fibercore base upon which a manmade “picture” of the selected wood grain is adhered to the top. Though this isn’t traditional, for a project with a limited budget, this can be a perfect choice because laminates can now even come in distressed and hand-scraped textures.

Choosing your product needs to start with where the floor is going to go. As we just said, you don’t want to install solid hardwood in bathrooms or basements because of the moisture exposure, but for engineered hardwood flooring and laminates, it’s no problem.

Once you decide which product works for your style and budget, Max Windsor is right there to bring you into the next step, deciding on the look. They offer hand-scraped as well as smooth planking. The hand-scraped look is going to be that more rustic, earthy look, giving the impression of and older, stable sanctuary. Smooth finishes are just that, a luxurious, glossy smoothness that makes your room glow.

Whichever combination you go with, you can certainly bank on Max Windsor providing the quality product that will bring your vision into a beautiful reality.