What is carbonized bamboo flooring?

What is carbonized bamboo flooring?

By now, you have probably heard of the new luxury flooring option of bamboo. This eco-friendly flooring is available to consumers who are choosy about what kind of flooring product is installed in their homes. Bamboo flooring maintains a smooth, yet glossy appearance that can be stained to just about any color tone you desire.

But there is a different kind of bamboo flooring that has been creeping onto the luxury flooring scene—carbonized bamboo flooring. While you may not know what it is, this treatment of bamboo flooring has slowly gained acceptance in the world of luxury flooring.

Carbonized bamboo flooring is created by taking strips of bamboo and boiling them. This heating process changes the processes of the natural sugars within the bamboo fibers. When this process is completed, you have a different type of bamboo product.

Carbonized bamboo flooring is mainly done in order to achieve a different type of color within the bamboo strip. Naturally, bamboo is a light tan – almost yellow – color. You can compare this coloring to the color of straw. This kind of flooring can lighten up a room, surely, but it is not for everyone or every flooring situation. Some people want a deep, rich hue to add elegance to a room.

Manufacturers will use the carbonizing process to broaden the amount of options available to homeowners and interior designers. After this process has been completed, you will find many different flooring options available – from dark tan to a rich, dark mahogany color.

However, there is a negative side effect. As bamboo is carbonized, it will lose some of its strength –up to one third of its strength, actually. However, the rest of the treatment of carbonized bamboo flooring works to re-strengthen it. Part of this re-strengthening treatment includes the application of an aluminum oxide finish. You will want to consider very carefully where you place carbonized bamboo flooring in your home, as it is probably more suited for an area that doesn’t get too much traffic, like a dining room or a study. If you are still concerned about the strength of bamboo, be sure to get bamboo plants that are strand-woven, which is the stronger bamboo option. This means that the actual fibers of bamboo are woven together, creating a stronger product than typical bamboo flooring planks.

Carbonized bamboo flooring is a beautiful way to personalize your home, and is a great choice for those choosy homeowners who want a greener flooring option.