Witex laminate flooring

Witex laminate flooring

Witex has been serving flooring needs for over 30 years. In fact, in 1991, Witex was the first German laminate manufacturer. Their ongoing research and development of laminate flooring has helped to shape this flooring trend into a multifaceted, quality product. Witex offers a 5-lifetime guarantee for certain collections. This is because Witex is so confident in their product that they stand behind it not for one lifetime, but for many lifetimes down the road.

The latest collections at Witex promise to excite and titillate your senses. The collection lines include: “Schlafen,” “Wohnen,” “Arbeiten,” “Objekte,” and “Kuche/Bad.” (That’s “bad” for “bath,” not “not good.”) Each collection is then divided into color, and you may choose your pattern layout for each product (where applicable). Or, check out their new multi-layer flooring system – flooring to meet even the highest of standards. Witex also has an active wall collection, where they offer a multi-functional wall system that includes a wide range of options: filing, sorting, organization, decoration, and variation are all at your fingertips with this innovative wall choice.

Witex is environmentally conscious

Witex’s professionals know that without help, the environment won’t last forever. This fragile Earth is home and provider, but those who live here must take resources with care. That’s why Witex’s products consist of 90% wood (a renewable resource) and 10% environmentally friendly resin glue – sustainability is of great value to Witex. Since the wood they use is a renewable resource from sustainable forest management in Germany, they opt to never use only local wood where they can be a part of sustainable practices.

They study the process from manufacturing to disposal in order to make sure each process is environmentally sound. They are the first company to offer a take back system for its used laminate floors, which means a better conservation of resources and less landfill waste. Witex’s floors are returned through special retailers and craftsmen after use, and are re-processed in combined heat and power plants. This is the ultimate in recycling! Witex is leading the way in finding alternate uses for retired laminate; currently, they have found a way to produce electricity with the re-processing cycle.